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Saturday Night Live Character Displays Narcissism

On the TV show Saturday Night Live the actress Kristen Wiig plays Penelope, a character who acts like a narcissist on steroids. For example, when Penelope is invited to a party, she casually lets it slip that she's been invited to lots of parties. She's also familiar with lots of hors d'oeuvres. When another guest mentions they've known the hostess for six months, Penelope interjects that, since she's known her for seven years, she's probably better friends with the hostess than that other guest. When a guest compliments the home, Penelope emphatically announces that it's her favorite house ever. And while others try to control their tempers around Penelope's outlandish claims, inevitably someone will come completely unglued and blow a gasket.

In one skit, one of these new acquaintances explodes, "Hey, Penelope! Guess what? I have a cousin who lives in space, and recently lost five hundred pounds, and you know what?! My wife and I got here by paddling a kayak down the street, and two minutes after my baby was born, she spoke French!"

Without missing a beat, totally emotionally unaware, Penelope coolly replies,

All I have to say is: I have sixty cousins who live in space and other dimensions … um, I just lost seven hundred pounds, and, um, I invented kayaks, and invented the streets, so, um, I have six babies now, who spoke forty-four languages before they came out of my stomach, urn, and, uh, I can fly, so …

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