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Delay Is One Way We Disobey God

If you are willingly submitting to God, you do it right away and without delay. You don't say, "I'll start obeying God tomorrow." Delay is just one of many ways we seek to retain our autonomy and self-sovereignty. Here's how delay operates in our sex lives:

  • You're flirting with a woman at work and it has become a bit sexual. You know you shouldn't be doing it, but you sit down with her again in the lunch room and tell yourself that you'll cut it off tomorrow.
  • You're heart is pounding as you're surfing toward that porn site, hoping your wife doesn't wake up. You know you have no business being there, but to ease your guilt you tell yourself this is the last time.
  • You're seventeen and you're in the local park at night with your girlfriend …. [You start to get involved sexually with your girlfriend.] You know that what you're doing is wrong for you and for her, but you couldn't resist one more time. You tell yourself you'll break it off with her in the next few days.
  • You're living with a woman who is not your wife and you've recently committed yourself to Christ. You know you should not be sleeping with your girlfriend, but you tell yourself it will be such a hassle to separate and find separate apartments. You'll deal with it, but you can't handle it right now.
  • You know you've gotten yourself hooked on a series you have no business watching. It leaves you thinking in ways that are not pure, but you tell yourself that you'll finish out the season and not watch the new season in the fall.

[When you delay you're response to God] you've eased your conscience when it actually needs to be troubled. Delay is really just disobedience in a tuxedo.

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