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Steve Jobs' Death Causes Apple Stock Crash

In April 2013 an article in the USA Today Money section reported that Apple's stock has been struggling. According to the article, "The Apple stock crash is reaching a historic order of magnitude, shaking the faith of investors who piled on in large part on Jobs' showmanship." Shares are down 44 percent ...

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Abram Kielsmeier-jones

May 14, 2016  10:08pm

Great illustration. Agreed with Daniel Jordan--Apple is doing fine now, as I write in May 2016, although they've just announced their first earnings drop. Regardless of the causes or Apple's future, there are some enthusiasts who still mourn the loss of Jobs and say he's irreplaceable!

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Daniel Jordan

December 30, 2014  12:34pm

I was about to use this illustration but researched and found that in the 18 months since the USA today article, Apple stock more than doubled. I still used the illustration for leadership transition, especially regarding Jesus to the Spirit. While analysts speculate the success or failure of His kingdom, God delivers on His promises and continues His sovereignty.

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Duane Henry

May 15, 2013  1:53pm

A relevant way to illustrate what Jesus has done for the Church by leaving us / giving us the Holy Spirit. The Church's stock has not reduced, but increased through the centuries because of this 'great investment'!

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