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Shoeshine Man Donates $200,000

Albert Lexie is a shoe-shine man. For the last 30 years, Albert has set up shop in Pittsburgh's Children Hospital and knocked the dirt off other people's shoes. He buffs, he polishes. And he charges a mere $5 for his labor.

Often, a satisfied customer will leave a tip. Most give an extra dollar, some give two. Once, during the Christmas season, a doctor gave him $50 for shining one pair of shoes.

But big tips like that are few and far between. And people just don't care about the condition of their shoes like they used to. Albert is a relic left over from another era, a different world.

But when Albert has shined his last shoe and put away his shoe-shine kit for good, he will not be forgotten at the Pittsburgh Children's Hospital. Albert will leave behind a legacy.

Since the day he shined his first pair of shoes there 30 years ago, Albert has donated more than a third of his earnings to the Children's Hospital Free Care Fund, which helps parents who can't afford to pay for their sick children's medical costs. In addition, Albert has also given the hospital every tip he has ever received. Every single tip.

But Albert is just a shoe-shine man. How much could there be to give? According to the hospital administration, he gave just over $200,000. It's a seemingly impossible number. 200 grand is what professional athletes give, not shoe-shine men. And yet that is the correct number.

Even small amounts, given faithfully, add up to a powerful legacy.

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