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Famous Actor Craved His Parents' Affirmation

Ben Kingsley, the Academy-Award winning actor who has starred in Iron Man 3, Hugo, Schindler's List, and Gandhi, still hasn't forgiven his parents for not supporting his acting career. As a child, Kingsley attended Manchester Grammar School in the expectation that he would go to medical school like his father and brother, but he wanted to be an actor. In a recent (2013) interview, Kingsley said,

I remember my father referring to me as "our little Danny Kaye" when I was about seven. That was the only remotely positive comment I remember from them. They never praised me or acknowledged a gram of talent in me. Their way was to mock—"when are you going to finish with this acting lark," that sort of thing. My mother, far from being proud, was very jealous of my success.

In 2002 Kingsley was knighted by the Queen of England—an event that he still talks about glowingly. In the same interview he said,

I told you about my parents, and the fact that any kind of embrace was totally absent from my life. So to be embraced by Her Majesty … I felt like stopping people in the street, saying my [mom] loves me, you know. Because that's what it felt like, to me—the filling of a vacuum in the universe.

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