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Ice Age Film on Escaping World Problems

In the movie Ice Age: Continental Drift, the film's beloved trio—Manny the wooly mammoth, Sid the sloth, and Diego the saber-toothed cat—embark on an epic quest after a disaster sets the entire continent adrift. Captured by the cruel pirates Captain Gutt and his crew, Manny, Sid, and Diego manage to escape, but the pirates continue to hunt them down, threatening revenge.

Meanwhile, as this trio is fighting for their lives and trying to save the world from disaster, Crash and Eddie, two shallow, escapist possums, are too busy having fun to be concerned about the world's problems. In one scene Crash and Eddie are each perched atop a tree waiting for a shifting mountain to push against the base of the tree so they can be catapulted through the air.

"Wait for it … wait for it," Eddie says to Crash. Flying through the air, laughing, they crash-land on their faces at the feet of Louis the mole hog. "That was awesome!" says Eddie as they leap to their feet.

"Can I ask you guys something?" Louis asks. "How are you both so happy? Doesn't it weigh on you that the world might be ending?"

"Can I tell him our secret?" Eddie asks Crash.

Crash grants his permission, so Eddie motions for Louis and says, "Come here. Come here." As Louis leans in, Eddie gives his secret to attaining personal happiness while the world hangs in the balance: "We're very, very stupid."

Louis stares in disbelief and asks, "But still, you're not a teensy bit concerned, oh I don't know, say … imminent death?" Eddie simply reaches out his hand and pinches Louis's nose and says, "Beep."

Elapsed Time: Chapter 17; Scene begins at 54:15 and ends at 55:57.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Apathy; Indifference; Lukewarmness; Denial—Crash and Eddie illustrate a high degree of apathy (and they're even happy about their apathy) in the midst of circumstances that should break their hearts open with compassion and zeal. (2) Spiritual Warfare—In the midst of spiritual warfare sometimes Christians display the happy-go-lucky lifestyle of Crash and Eddie.

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