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The Song of Songs Will Reach the Unchurched

Isn't the Bible amazing? It has a whole book—the Song of Songs—that is primarily an unabashed celebration of the pleasure of physical intimacy [in marriage] …. Now that will preach! [It will especially] preach to those who would never come to church, lift a Bible, or listen to a sermon.

Think with me for a moment. Imagine a woman coming to church for the first time in ten years. She hears a sermon [based on the unabashed celebration of marital sex found in the Song of Songs]. When she returns home after the service, her husband is reclining on the couch, watching the football game. It's a commercial, so he generously mutes the television and asks, "So how was it?"

"Fine," she says.

"Well, what did the pastor talk about?"

"Oh," she says, "he talked about how wives should be more aggressive in bed."

"What!" He turns off the TV.

"Yeah, he said something about how wives should be more aggressive in bed. It's in the Bible, I guess. Some book called the Song of Songs."


"Yeah, really."

He looks down, rubs his chin, and murmurs, "So, what time is the service next week?"

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