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The Story Behind "Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer"

One of the most beloved songs of the Christmas season started out as an advertising gimmick. In 1939 Montgomery Ward tapped advertising executive Robert May to write a poem that their store Santa Claus could give away to children who came to visit him. "Rudolph the ...

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Edward Saxman

December 13, 2014  8:23am

I like the assessment of the outsiders & misfits but I question using grace as the focus. It could have been a wonderful example of grace if Santa had not rejected Rudolph as a misfit early on in the story. For me, that one scene ruined the grace option and casts Santa in a bad light. Granted Santa repents at the end of the story when he realizes that "liabilities" can also be "strengths" but that is a whole different message.

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Frank Burns

November 25, 2014  8:20am

I think the story of Rudolph is all about the rescue of misfits. That is why Jesus came at Christmas. Just a thought.

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Bruce Emmert

November 24, 2014  4:36pm

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Malcolm Cooper

November 24, 2014  11:43am

It would be interesting to know what the definition of carol is. e.g. Hark the herald angels sing features in the carol services but is not a carol as is o little town of Bethlehem and while shepherds watched their flocks. The are good Christmas songs or hymns. A carol I am told is usually sung in a round and is akin to a sonnet rather than a poem. I would be grateful for explanation. THe idea of grace is helpful and talks of God's compassion reflected in the way Jesus was so inclusive of all kinds of people disregarded by the religious! Blessings Malcolm

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Matthew Woodley

December 03, 2013  3:39pm

Charles: Good point. It's a song but probably not a "Christmas carol." We revised the illustration.

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