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The World's Most Expensive Meals

A chart on the Daily Infographic website offers the following list called "The World's Most Expensive Meals":

  • At the Fijimake Gekijyo restaurant in Tokyo you can get a bowl of Ramen for $110.
  • The Capital Dawg in Sacramento, California serves up "The Ultra-Dog," the world's most expensive hot dog at $145.99.
  • In Scotland you can order a bottle of "End of History" beer, Belgian ale packaged inside taxidermied squirrel carcasses for $800-1,110 per bottle.
  • The Westin Hotel in New York City offers a white truffle bagel that sells for about $1,000.
  • For $1,000 New York City also boasts the "Golden Opulence Sunday," which includes rare cocoa beans harvested off the coast of Venezuela.
  • At $2,000 a slice (or $16,000 per pie) you can enjoy Britain's Wagyu Meat Pie and its savory combination of six pounds of Kobe beef and matsutake mushrooms which sell for $910 per pound.
  • And in Italy, Chef Viola's "Louis XIII" pizza, loaded with lobster, caviar, eight different types of cheese, and seasoned with hand-picked pink Australian river salt, sells for $12,000.

Possible Preaching Angles: (1) Salvation and The Lord's Supper—They're both offered free of charge (although Jesus paid the price that we could never have paid), and the Lord's Supper is better than anything on this list. (2) Social Justice—While millions of people are malnourished, a few people can afford outrageously expensive, luxurious meals. (3) Simplicity; Provision—God promised to provide daily bread, not daily slice of "Louis XIII" pizza. (4) Hospitality—Hospitality is more about love and openness than about trying to offer a "world's best meal." Encourage people to keep it simple.

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