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Facebook Question: What's Hard about Serving Others?

While preparing a sermon, I posted this question to my friends on Facebook: "What makes it hard for you to serve other people?"

They gave great answers, including:

"Serving is hard when it doesn't fit in to my schedule or plan. Like when I want to go for a walk or take a long bath, but my aging parent needs me to sort their meds, run an errand, or simply be with them."

"It's hard when their need seems endless. I don't want to risk helping/serving because I may get sucked in. Being swallowed up in the serving and not getting to be the me I think I am or should be."

"There is such limited energy left after a demanding workday meeting our basic responsibilities (whether with young kids or in the corporate world). How do you balance the need for rest and self-care with serving others?"

But my favorite answer was this one: "What makes it hard to serve others? Others."

Editor's Note: Preachers, try this Facebook poll sometime with this topic or with another topic. It's a great way to get your congregation involved in the sermon process.

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