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A Giant Redwood Falls

On March 24, 1991, one of the oldest and largest Redwoods in California crashed to the ground.

People call the tree the Dyerville Giant, and it lies where it fell. When it stood, the tree was 362 feet tall (the height of a 30-story building). Its diameter is 17 feet. Its circumference is 52 feet. Experts estimate its weight at over one million pounds and its age at nearly 2,000 years.

When the tree hit the ground, a person living a mile away said that it sounded like a train wreck. Vibrations were felt 10 miles away.

Preaching Angles: (1) The death of Christ: When Jesus died, the world trembled and the vibrations were felt throughout the earth and through eternity. (2) The death of a respected person: When a godly person dies, we feel the impact. There is a shaking in our hearts. (3) Great events in the earth: Something momentous has happened. Something important has come to an end.

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