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Customers Risk Their Lives to Eat a 10,000 Calorie Burger

Consider the foolhardy risk takers at the famous Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas. This restaurant, known for its "flatliner fries" cooked in pure lard, butterfat shakes, no-filter cigarettes, and the "triple bypass burger," appears to be living up to its reputation. The restaurant's most recent victim, a woman, was eating a "double bypass burger" lathered in cheese and bacon and smoking cigarettes when she collapsed and was taken to the hospital where she is currently recovering.

Owner Jon Basso said that he wishes the customer a swift and full recovery. But, he added, the woman got exactly what she asked for: a brush with death.

"We attract … thrill seekers [and] risk takers," he told the Los Angeles Times, adding that his restaurant is a "bad for you but fun" restaurant that "attracts people who don't really take good care of their health."

The Quadruple Bypass Burger can top 10,000 calories. Basso said the Guinness World Records book contacted him Friday to say that the burger was being crowned the most caloric sandwich on Earth.

The restaurant also offers free meals to people weighing more than 350 pounds.

"I tell you," said Basso, "we attract that very bleeding edge, the avant-garde of risk takers."

Possible Preaching Angle: (1) Taking Risks/Following Christ—At times following Jesus involves taking good and godly risks. Unfortunately, at times we also take foolish and ungodly risks—risks that can hurt and even destroy us. (2) Sin and Temptation—Even when we know sinful behavior is bad for us, at times we keep engaging in that activity anyway.

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