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Movie Critic Roger Ebert Inspired by His Wife's Love

Movie critic Roger Ebert has suffered greatly since 2006 from the effects of cancer. Susan Wloszczyna writes:

Ebert can no longer speak after cancer, which began with a tumor that was removed in 1987 and reoccurred years later, robbed him of his voice in 2006. Multiple surgeries to battle the disease that ravaged his thyroid, salivary glands and jaw left him with a chin whose skin dangles loosely and leaves a gap where his throat should be. Eating and drinking are also out, replaced by a feeding tube.

One person has helped Ebert through the ordeal: his wife Chaz. Ebert reminds us of the power of love as he describes her support during this period of hardship: "Her love was like a wind pushing me back from the grave."

Possible preaching angles: (1) In the poignant final quote by Ebert, this illustration displays how much our kindness and support can mean to a person who is suffering. "Your love expressed to a person in need can be like a wind pushing them back from the grave." (2) The quote by Ebert can also describe the effect of God's love toward us.

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