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Businessman Changes a Woman's Life by Refusing Her Sexual Advances

Gary Thomas tells the following story about a friend of his who was on a business trip:

After the sessions an attractive young woman knocked on his hotel door …. When he opened the door, she pushed through and walked right into his room.
"You can't be in here," he said.
"Why not?" she asked teasingly. "Are you scared?"
The woman started acting seductively. She made it very clear that she was available for any sexual favor of his choosing. When he insisted that she leave, she finally did something … [that] was over-the top provocative.
Immediately afterward, my friend wisely told two business associates exactly what happened …. My friend is a godly man, but he's human. He admits he slept very little that night …. He couldn't get this woman's words or related images out of his mind. He tossed and turned, thankful he hadn't fallen but exhausted from being so provoked.
Two months later, he returned to that city, working with the same company he had worked with on his previous visit—when the [same] young woman pulled him aside.
"We have to talk," she said.
My friend's heart started racing as he feared the worst …. Her first words put him at ease.
"I can't thank you enough for being the first man who has ever cared about me more than my breasts."
My friend learned that this woman had been abused earlier in life. She had been promiscuous ever since her early teen years, and because of her physical appearance no man had ever been willing to walk away from her advances. And so she kept reliving the moments of her deepest hurt.
"I'm going back to church," she told him. "I need to get my life back together. When I finally met a man like you who was more interested in me than in my body, it showed me how messed up I had become."

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