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The Epidemic of Loneliness at Christmas Time

The Epidemic of Loneliness at Christmas Time

A British medical doctor named Ishani Kar-Purkayastha shared a story about his interaction with Doris, an 82-year-old hospital patient. Two days before Christmas, Doris seemed healthy and ready for discharge. But for some reason she kept complaining about inexplicable health issues. Dr. Kar-Purkayastha wrote: "Yesterday it was her arm that was hurting, before that her ...

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Colin Strong

November 19, 2012  4:31am

An excellent illustration, but just a couple of wee comments for the sake of accuracy, from my discoveries from a google search: 1. Doctor is she, not he. 2. Doris is a fictional character based on a composite of real characters.

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Ken Sauer

December 14, 2011  9:14am

wow, and we are headed that way...

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Matthew Woodley

December 05, 2011  6:16pm

James: Thanks for your very wise and compassionate words. I think that's a challenge to Christ-followers during this season. Matt Woodley

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James Gregory

December 05, 2011  2:18pm

This is sadly so true. I have visited dozens of widows and shut-ins. As I enter in they were always glad I came to visit and wanted me to stay longer. I often have found/ do find them just sitting in their easy chair. It once occurred to me early on, I wonder what they were doing before I came and what they would do when I left. Then it hit me, they would likely be doing the exact same thing, sitting a lone in their easy chair. Visiting people like that is of such importance Jesus said it would be taken into consideration as part of the standard of judgement (Mt. 25:31-46). There is a great need to "visit" (from the Greek: Literally to see to the need of. Not just a social call) widows and orphans (Jm. 1:27). In our face paced society it is easy to forget the older generation. Especially when they are out of sight they can quickly become out of mind to many in the church.

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