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12-year-old Boy Calmly Delivers a New Baby

You just never know how God might call you to serve him. For instance, in August of 2011 a 12-year-old boy named Gaelen from Vancouver Island, Canada, was hailed as a hero after he helped deliver his new baby brother. It all started when Gaelen's mother woke up in hard labor at 2 A.M. She had planned to deliver the baby in the hospital, but when the time came she couldn't even get out of bed. "I was already in the process of pushing," she said. "There was nothing I could do."

Her cries for help woke her son who was sleeping in the next room. When he entered his mother's room, he said he could already see his baby brother's head.

Gaelen later reported, "I grabbed [the baby] by the shoulders and his head was resting on my wrists. Then I gently pulled him out and laid him on the bed." Gaelen then went to the kitchen to find some scissors, so he could cut and clamp the baby's umbilical cord.

The family made it to hospital about 45 minutes after the birth. Danielle Edwards and her new baby boy, her fifth child, stayed in the hospital until Sunday morning.

When asked how he knew how to do all of this, Gaelen nonchalantly replied, "I watch a bunch of medical [TV] shows." He also said that after this experience he is considering a career in medicine.

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