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Millionaire Charges $40 on Stolen Credit Card

Harrun Majeed realized he had lost his credit card when he arrived home after shopping at a grocery store in his Florida neighborhood. A military veteran now earning his college degree, Majeed assumed he had dropped the card after paying for his groceries. He called the company to cancel his account, but was quickly informed that the card had just been used at a pizzeria in the same shopping center as the grocery store.

Majeed called the police.

When officers arrived at the pizzeria, they found Richard Lewis Ludwig—a 54-year-old dentist from Michigan—waiting for his order of two large pizzas with extra olives. Ludwig was arrested for credit card theft and forgery charges.

The bill for the pizzas was $40.64. When police asked Ludwig if he was having money problems, he claimed his dental practice was worth between 3-4 million dollars. He had $250 cash in his wallet.

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