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Realistic Masks Used to Commit Crimes

It appears that the criminal mind, which seems never to sleep, has devised a new approach to its craft—silicone masks, with a degree of "ultra high realism."

In Ohio, Conrad Zdzierak, pleaded guilty to using one of the masks to transform himself from a 30-year-old white man into a black character he called The Player, who carried out a string of robberies in the state. The disguise was so effective that local police mistakenly arrested a young African American for the crimes.

"We showed the picture [of the masked perpetrator] to his mother, and even she thought it was him," detective Keenan Riordan told reporters.

The masks came from the Los Angeles company SPFX Masks, which sells "movie quality" silicone masks that incorporate human hair to achieve what its advertisements call "ultra high realism." The company, set up to cater to the film industry, said that they're proud of the fact that the hand-painted products look realistic. However, they're concerned that the masks have been linked to a string of unsolved crimes.

Zdzierak almost got away with his crimes, but his girlfriend found a large stash of money and turned him in to the police.

What kinds of masks are you wearing? How many people have you fooled?

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