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Young Baseball Fan Displays Generosity

Many young baseball fans dream about the ultimate prize of attending a professional game—catching a foul ball. At a 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks game, one young boy did just that, but then to the amazement of everyone in the stands he gave the ball away.

Twelve-year-old Ian and his father were in attendance as Ian's beloved "D'backs" played the Milwaukee Brewers. Suddenly, a foul ball was coming right at Ian, but the ball bounced out of his reach, and an usher snagged it. Seeing Ian's disappointment, the usher tossed the ball to Ian. Ian was thrilled as he showed his prize to his father.

Then, several people, including the usher, pointed out a boy sitting a few rows down. The boy, not much younger than Ian, was distraught because he did not get the prized foul ball. Without hesitation, Ian ran down the stairs and gave that boy his prized possession.

After the game Ian told reporters, "I just felt really bad for the kid because I think it might have been intended for him. But I just didn't see him, so I just thought it was the right thing to do to give it back."

Diamondbacks announcer Mark Grace was stunned as he watched Ian hand the ball to the other boy. Here's play-by-play of the moment from announcers Daron Sutton and Mark Grace:

Sutton: "Are you kidding me; this kid is going to do this?"
Grace: "That is big time, right there!"
Sutton: "I can't believe I just witnessed that."
Grace: "That is awesome."
Sutton: "You, young man, are a star."

For his generosity, Ian was rewarded with a trip to the announcers' booth to meet Sutton and Grace, tickets to a future game, and an autographed bat from his favorite Diamondbacks player.

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