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Family Relationships Show a Scientist His Need for God

Rebecca Pippert relates a story about a famous physicist who confided in her and said:

I'm a scientist, you know, a rational person. I've never seen much need for God. All my life I've felt in charge and in control. I've been extremely successful and made it to the top. If there's a problem at work, I call a meeting or write a note to my secretary, and it is quickly resolved.
Yet nothing is simple or easily resolved at home. My children don't relate to me easily …. They accuse me of trying to control their lives. When I walk into the same room as my son, he starts to stammer. What hurts is that they can't seem to appreciate how much I care and that I'm doing all of this for them.
But I'll tell you one lesson I've learned. I always said that since I had my children's best interests at heart, they'd be glad for my direction …. My children have taught me the hardest lesson of my life—that I'm not in control over what matters to me most. It's funny, but it's now when I see I'm not God that I see I need some help. The question of whether there is a God has finally started to matter.

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