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Mickey Mantle Talks about Death and Regrets

In her biography of the pro baseball great Mickey Mantle, Jane Leavy recounts comments from Mantle's last press conference on July 11, 1995. Mantle had been an alcoholic.

It was a standing-room-only conference. His comic timing was still acute, but the ...

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Ken Schroeder

November 17, 2011  5:25pm

I am using this as an opening illustration in a message called "Regrets" from Mark 6:14-29. (Herod's regrets)

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Matthew Woodley

April 19, 2011  11:55am

B. Keith, thanks for noticing the incorrect year for the last press conference. Matt Woodley

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B. Keith Brumley

April 19, 2011  10:20am

Good illustration - might fact check it as Wikipedia gives the date of the last press conference in July of 1995 and his death on Aug. 13th.

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April 17, 2011  6:55am

A voice reaching from the past to athletes today who are wasting the wonderful gift that God has provided.

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