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Villagers Pray to "the God Who Hung on the Cross"

Villagers Pray to "the God Who Hung on the Cross"

In her book The God Who Hung on the Cross, journalist Ellen Vaughn retells a gripping story of how the Gospel came to a small village in Cambodia. In September 1999 Pastor Tuy Seng (not his real name) traveled to Kampong Thom Province in northern Cambodia. Throughout that isolated area, most villagers had cast their lot with Buddhism or spiritism. Christianity ...

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Rev. Linda Stoner

March 16, 2012  11:20am

God works in all sorts of fascinating ways to touch the hearts of His people. A powerful illustration!!

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Charles Worley

October 27, 2011  2:06pm

A powerful story about the power of God to save and to touch people who are suffering.

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dawson brooks

August 12, 2011  11:54am

What a great illustration of the power of the gospel and our need of a Savior to save us

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Wayne Presnell

May 02, 2011  4:53pm

Moving story!

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Helen Hamilton

April 26, 2011  10:02am

Wow - powerful

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