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Crowd Pressure Influences “Home Field Advantage”

Sports fans around the world can rely on one fact about their sport: the home team wins more often than the visiting team. A 2011 Sports Illustrated article concludes: "Home field advantage is no myth. Indisputably, it exists …. Across all sports and at all levels, from Japanese baseball to Brazilian soccer to the NFL, the team hosting ...

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NFL Refs Swayed by Crowd Pressure

Football referees are unbiased, right? They would never be influenced by fans or football players, right? Well, according to a recent study football refs are often swayed by their ...

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Billions of Distractions

Spam—a term used for unsolicited e-mails—accounts for billions of distractions for the average worker:

  • Number of spam e-mails sent each day in 2006: 183 billion

  • Number of work hours U.S. employees spent deleting spam in 2006: 22.9 million

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