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Comparing the Blessings of Jacob and Esau

If you're familiar with Genesis 36, you know that it's nothing but a list of the descendents of Esau—their names, their wives, their children, their flocks, their herds. There were so many of them that they had to leave Canaan, cross the Jordan, and go to their own country called Edom (which is another name for ...

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Center Point Chrc

May 24, 2017  9:21am

Helpful contrast (and I'll probably use some of this in a sermon), but do Abraham and Isaac live with Jacob? Not sure of that.

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October 13, 2010  12:33am

But the story did not end in Genesis 36. Jacob's descendants went on to inherit the covenant promises of God to their father Abraham. It seems to me that the children of the promise will have the "last laugh", so to speak, when God has finally brought all things to a final judgment. As we can see, "Edom" is gone but "Israel" lives!

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October 12, 2010  2:45pm

It seems dubious to imply that God "really hates" Esau. I understand where you might draw that conclusion from Malachi 1 (cf. Rom 9), but the biblical usage of "hate" there has to do with covenantal rejection. Still, there is a good point of contrasting material blessing with spiritual blessing, and what is most important, but it distracts from this good point by speaking of God's blessing on Esau as his treatment of someone he really hates.

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October 12, 2010  12:11pm

Good call on distinguishing one receiving material blessing from the one receiving the spiritual blessing.

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