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Team's Equipment Manager Displays Faithful Service

In the realm of sports superstars, Mike Murphy plays a small but essential role for his pro baseball team, the San Francisco Giants. Recently, he helped the Giants win their first World Series in 52 years, and Mike was on the job for the entire 52-year journey. But you won't find his name on the scoreboard. You won't see him endorsing new products for millions of dollars per advertisement. He'll never make it into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

"Murph," as they call him, has been with the team since 1958, starting as the team's batboy, before moving up to his roles as the clubhouse attendant and finally the equipment manager. Throughout his 52 years of faithful service, Murph has worked behind the scenes, cleaning shoes and ordering bats, so his much more famous teammates could achieve success.

According to an article in The New York Times, "If anyone embodies the 52-year endurance test the San Francisco Giants underwent to reach baseball's summit, it is Mike Murphy." That's one reason why the owner of the team handed the World Series trophy to Murphy so he could present it to his ecstatic teammates. At some point during the wild post-game celebration the reported noted, "[Murphy] turned to a clubhouse attendant and pointed to some bags. There was equipment to be loaded on to a truck … . Murphy was back at work."

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