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Doing Whatever It Takes to Help Others Finish the Journey

Max Lucado writes in "Push Each Other to the Top”:

Every Thursday during a Young Life summer camp, four hundred students make the fourteen-thousand-foot climb up Colorado's Mount Chrysolite. Several Young Life leaders and I walk with them.

[On one of those trips], somewhere around the number four thousand, [a student named] Matthew decided to call it quits. I coaxed him, begged him, negotiated a plan with him: thirty steps of walking, sixty seconds of resting. Finally, we stood within a thousand feet of the peak. But the last stretch of the trail rose up as straight as a fireman's ladder.

We got serious. Two guys came up beside Matt, each taking an arm. I pushed from the rear. We all but dragged Matt past the timberline and to the awesome view at the top.

That's when we heard the applause. Four hundred campers on the crest of Mount Chrysolite gave Matt a standing ovation. As I slumped down to rest, a thought streamrolled my way: There it is, Max, a perfect picture of my plan. Do all you can to push each other to the top. Was this a message from God? Well, it does sound like something he'd say.

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