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Faith Embraces the Truth

Michael Horton writes in “The Gospel-Driven Life: Being Good News People in a Bad News World”:

Anxiously anticipating the quite premature delivery of our triplets, I will never forget the moment that the doctor looked at me and announced, "They're all alive!" It was not a foregone conclusion (at least for one of them) and until that report, my wife and I were in suspense. All of the wishful thinking—even from certified medical professionals—could not alleviate that suspense, turning possibility into actuality. I could believe all I wanted in a successful delivery, but I had no promise to rely on, either from God or the doctors, and the intensity of my believing it had nothing to do with the state of affairs. My confidence developed entirely on the words that the doctor uttered. Similarly, the gospel is news because it reports a completed event. Faith does not make something true, but embraces the truth.

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