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Buoys Fail to Warn Islanders of Future Danger

On October 25, 2010, a massive earthquake set off a tsunami that struck some Indonesian Islands. The tsunamis leveled whole villages, leaving hundreds dead or missing. According to the survivors, the deaths could have been avoided, or at least minimized. Unfortunately, the tsunami warning system—two buoys off the island—weren't working properly. As a result, they didn't alert the islanders to the coming danger.

Since 2004, experts have improved the tsunami detection network. The DART buoys (as they are called) measure wave height. If a buoy measures an unusual wave, it transmits that information to the shore. This system often provides the only warning signal for islanders to prepare for the oncoming danger. Unfortunately, according to the report, the buoys "have become detached and drifted away. Sensors have failed. As many as 30 percent have been inoperable at any one time." As a result, the buoys often fail to awaken people to the reality of future tragedy.

As followers of Christ, we not only have the privilege of sharing Christ's love; we also have the responsibility to gently confront sin and warn people of judgment. If, like the buoys, we "have become detached or drifted away," and if our love has grown cold or apathetic, we may leave others unprepared for the consequences of sin or of life apart from Christ.

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