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Worship: Make Love, Make War

"Satan's War on Worship" and "The Call to Battle," Men of Integrity (entries 3-7-10 and 3-8-10 from the March/April, 2010 issue); Brian Doerksen (David C. Cook, 2009)

What Tempts Men and Women

Van Morris, Mount Washington, Kentucky, source: Michelle Healy and Alejandro Gonzalez, "Temptation Calling," USA Today (3-9-10), based on a Harlequin Romance report 2010 survey of 3,000 U.S. adults

Slavery in Bible Times Was More Like Indentured Servanthood

Timothy Keller, in the sermon Literalism: Isn't the Bible Historically Unreliable and Regressive?, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, New York (preached 11-5-06); source: Murray Harris, Slave of Christ (IVP, 2001)

News That Illustrates

Brian Lowery, managing editor,

Depression Eased by Belief in a Caring God

Van Morris, Mount Washington, Kentucky; source: Jennifer Harper, "Studies: Belief in God Relieves Depression," (2-25-10)

Recreating the Throne Room

Lee Eclov, Vernon Hills, Illinois; sources: various sites about the project, most notably this link

Displaying 11–20 of 30 matches.

Page: 123

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