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Elderly Man Plants Fruit Trees as an Expression of Hope

Hope is always made more real when we see tangible action today that points with credibility to the possibility of a better tomorrow.

In the darkest days of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, Jeremiah was asked by God to go out and buy a piece of real estate—complete with witnesses, a deed, and money exchanged (Jer. 32:6–15). This was a tangible act and one that seemed to make no sense. But in 70 years, as God reminds Jeremiah, a captive people would be set free and returned to the land, rebuilding homes and reconstituting vineyards. Shelter and food–there is nothing more tangible, and Jeremiah's purchase of land was designed to provide a beacon of hope during the long years of captivity.

My father, at the age of 75, planted a number of very small fruit trees. "What an optimist," I said to him, somewhat mockingly. Dad passed away a few years ago, and now when I return to the old homestead, I have an option. I can go to the grassy cemetery on top of the hill and brood over his grave, or I can eat the fruit of his trees and reflect on a man who knew a great deal about hope.

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