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Prison a Comfortable Home for One Man

A man who robbed a bank 10 years ago and was sentenced to 70 months in a federal penitentiary decided he liked prison life so much that he committed another crime, just so he could return! Danny Villegas walked inside a Federal Credit Union in Florida and told the teller he was robbing her, adding, "You might as well call the police right now."

Villegas then sat down on a couch in the lobby and waited for police to arrive. "He said he wanted to rob a federal bank because he wanted to go back to a federal penitentiary," said Lt. Ron Wright of the South Daytona Police Department. Villegas had worked in construction in Texas for five years, but had grown tired of the work. "Apparently," added Wright, "he robbed a bank in Fresno, California, 10 years ago, was sentenced to 70 months in a federal penitentiary in Phoenix, and enjoyed his time there."

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