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Tithing Illustration Using Apples

Texts: Exodus 23:16, Exodus 23:19, 2 Chronicles 31:5

Principle: We should give God the first and best of all that we have.

Objects: 9 red apples, 1 Golden Delicious apple (yellow apple), and a large cross

Experience: While standing in front of a large cross and a table of ten apples (9 red, 1 yellow), speak about the generosity of God and how he has given us much (pointing to the ten apples).

Emphasize that God owns all ten of the apples, but allows us to use 9 as we choose (point to the 9 red apples). Spend some time talking about the different ways we can enjoy using the 9 red apples.

Explain that tithing means a tenth, and it is called the firstfruits of our means. A tithe is what God asks of us. Illustrate the tenth by holding up the yellow apple.

After a clear explanation of the tithe, hold the yellow apple and offer a few thoughts on the uncanny way financial demands pop up. With each example, take a bite out of the yellow apple.

Example: "Oh! I just remembered we need new tires for the car!" (Take a bite out of the yellow apple.)

Example: "And let's face it—it's been a while since our family has had a good vacation." (Take another bite out of the yellow apple.)

Example: "Soccer season's about to begin, and we're going to have to pay for uniforms, cleats, season dues." (Take another bite out of the yellow apple.)

Continue in this vein until all that's left is the core of the yellow apple. Say, "God, this was my tithe, but a lot of stuff came up. This is all I have left."

Toss the apple core to the foot of the cross.

To close, further illustrate God's generosity by pointing to the cross and the generous gift of God's Son.

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