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Mystery Author Describes Conversion

Andrew Klavan is a popular writer of mysteries—some of which have been made into movies (1999's True Crime and 2001's Don't Say a Word). He was interviewed in World magazine about how his writing interacts with his Christian faith. In the process, he described his conversion to being a follower of Christ:

"My life has been more like one of those Outward Bound programs where they drop you far from home and you have to make your way back with a piece of string and a matchbook. I was born and raised a Jew and came up in that wonderful secular intellectual tradition that teaches you to analyze everything. God kept coming into my life, and I kept disproving him—I was very good at it!
Fortunately, I could also disprove the foundations of my disproof. Eventually I saw that the pillars of the secular consensus—scientism, materialism, rationalism—were all made of sand. Whereas the deeper I went into the experience of God, the more I found…life in abundance."

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