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Beethoven Unknowingly Poisoned Himself

In 2000, an Illinois scientist named William Walsh studied strands of hair from the body of famous classical composer Ludwig Van Beethoven. By studying those strands of hair, Dr. Walsh discovered that Beethoven's body had 100 times the normal amount of lead. He concluded that Beethoven's untimely death at the age of 57 was due to lead poisoning.

What's interesting is that Beethoven's lead poisoning can be traced to the mineral spa that he went to in order to relax. Think about that: the very thing he thought was bringing him relief and relaxation was actually slowly poisoning him to death.

That's what spiritual poison is like, that as people engage in practices and embrace ideas that are spiritually poisonous, they think it is making them more spiritual. But in reality, it's gradually killing them spiritually.

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