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CEO's Prayer Saves a Business

It was 1986, and the world was crashing around David Green. In the offices of his multimillion dollar hobby and craft business, Hobby Lobby, he read the bad news: the bank was ready to foreclose on the product of years of his life and labor. He wasn't alone. The oil boom in Oklahoma had gone bust, and the over-extended banks were failing. Many business owners in Oklahoma City had already closed their doors in defeat and declared bankruptcy.

But the Green family knew where to turn for help in a crisis. Although the foreclosure of the business was the worst thing they could imagine, they came to see it as a defining moment in their business and spiritual lives. "I know I prayed prior to that time," David Green says, "but that's when I got really serious about it."

He tells how the space beneath his desk became his prayer closet. He would crawl under his desk in his corporate office and seek God's help. And God gave it. It was God's response to those prayers for their business that the family believes pulled the company out from under looming bankruptcy and set it on its feet again.

(Editor’s Update): Hobby Lobby earned $5 billion dollars in 2022. Forbes magazine listed Hobby Lobby as 71st of Largest Private Companies in America in 2022.

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