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What Guests Notice About Our Homes

Good Housekeeping magazine listed the five most-common things guests notice when they enter our homes.

First, they spy piles of mail laying around, so keep an empty drawer in the kitchen for your correspondence. Second, they notice dust bunnies and cobwebs, so watch those room corners and use a broom and a hand vacuum. Third, they notice a messy bathroom, so use glass cleaner for the mirror and other handy clean-up aids for the floors and appliances.

Fourth, they notice dishes in the sink. Avoid embarrassment here by throwing them in the dishwasher. Or, if needed, rinse and place them in the oven. Fifth, our guests notice full trash cans, so empty any filled container into a larger receptacle that can be kept out of sight.

People check our houses, and they also look at us. A good question to think about is: When they view me, what do they see?

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