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Cancer Ministry Mirrors the Church

Laura Armstrong is the founder of Chemo Angels, which she describes as "a volunteer organization dedicated to adding a ray of sunshine to the lives of those undergoing treatment for cancer." Laura has provided that ray of sunshine by identifying cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and teaming them up with several volunteers, called "Chemo Angels," who commit to regularly send cards, gifts, and other tangible expressions of encouragement.

Here is a sampling of the feedback from some of the people who have been helped by Laura and the Chemo Angels:

"Thank you so much for thinking of Gable on his first birthday. That was so great. Chemo Angels is such a wonderful program. It really is uplifting! Thanks!" —Carrie
"Justin received not one, but two packages yesterday! He was so thrilled. We had a very difficult day at the doctor's office. Then, when we arrived home, there were two boxes waiting for him. It was perfect timing! It is almost as if someone "up there" is timing the arrival of the Angel packages. Thanks again for all you and the Angels accomplish. It is truly miraculous!" —Lorie
"The Chemo Angels are so wonderful. They send beautiful toys and reading, coloring, and activity books to help keep both of our children busy. Your organization is a blessing built to cradle and anoint those who didn't ask for it but really need it. Thanks for all you do." —Jeff and Veronica M.

Uplifting, miraculous, and a balm for those who need it….apparently, Laura Armstrong understands the mission of the church.

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