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Flies Are Miracles of Creation

There aren't many people who are particularly fond of flies. Most of us probably wonder why God even made them in the first place. But have you ever thought about God's creative genius in how he made them?

According to British scientists, the "fly is the most talented aerodynamicist on the planet— superior to any bird, bat, or bee. A housefly can make six turns a second, hover, fly straight up, fly straight down, fly backwards, do somersaults, land on the ceiling, and perform various other show-off maneuvers. And it has a brain smaller than a sesame seed."

The scientists also note that "flies are loaded with sensors. In addition to their compound eyes, which permit panoramic imagery and are excellent at detecting motion, they have wind-sensitive hairs and antennae. They also have three light sensors, called ocelli, on the tops of their heads, which tell them which way is up. Roughly two-thirds of a fly's entire nervous system is devoted to processing visual images."

If God put so much wisdom into ordinary houseflies, imagine what it means to know that we are "fearfully and wonderfully made."

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