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Gift of the Gospel Changes a Culture

The people of the Hmar tribe of northeast India were once fierce headhunters, infamous for their vicious slayings. But in 1910, Welsh missionary Watkin Roberts sent the Gospel of John to a Hmar chief. The chief invited Roberts to come and explain the Scriptures, and within two generations the entire Hmar tribe was evangelized.

Soon after, the British government expelled Roberts from India, but his efforts continued to produce fruit. Today the Hmar tribe totals over 1 million people. Rochunga and Mawii Pudaite are a very small part of that tribe, but they are continuing Roberts's vision in a big way.

In 1971, God gave the couple a dream: to give a free copy of the New Testament to all of the families of the world. They founded Bibles for the World ministries, and have since sent more than 16 million copies of the New Testament, translated in the appropriate local language, to homes all across the globe.

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