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Church Gives Away Money as a Fundraiser

In December of 2005, Reverend Michael Eden threw out a challenge to the congregation of St. Peter and St. Mary's Church in Stowmarket, England. Repairs were needed for the church's 14th century structure, and Eden directed the congregants to the parable of the talents.

In an innovative twist, he gave each of the 90 parishioners 10 pounds (about $18) and instructed them to "go forth and multiply." Amazingly, that's what the people did. One person bought baking ingredients and made over $750 selling cakes and scones. Another invested in wool and earned $138 selling scarves. In the end, the church raised over $9,200.

Commenting on his unusual plan, Reverend Eden observed, "God gives us all sorts of things, but does not expect us to waste them and do nothing."

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