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Taxi Driver Persuaded End of the World Is Near

How do you react when people talk about the end of the world, or about Christ returning to earth? Here is how one columnist felt about it:

During a taxi ride one day in February, a driver in Baltimore asked how I was doing. I told him my plans for the near future.
He turned around, gave me a very strange look, and said: "I don't want to scare you, but the world is gonna end in seven months."
Hundreds of taxis, and I get this guy. But nothing about him seemed dangerous, so I engaged him in conversation. Apparently a disciple of a certain radio preacher, this cabbie could expound at length on why the world was expected to end that September. Drawing on my meager knowledge of eschatology, I asked, "Isn't the antichrist supposed to reign for several years before the world ends?"
"Oh, he's already here!" the driver assured me. "People just don't know it!" At my destination, he left me marveling at the vagaries of belief.
That was in 1994. But now, the world is still here. How that driver explained its survival, I have no idea. If he truly trusted that seven-month countdown, then he must have been disappointed at the dawn of October 1.

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