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George Washington Carver and the Peanut

"God's little workshop" was the name George Washington Carver gave to his laboratory. According to his own account, it was there the famous scientist asked in prayer to discover the uses of what was then a lowly, unesteemed crop: the peanut.

"Dear Mr. Creator," the humble man began, "please tell me what the universe was made for."

"Ask for something more in keeping with that little mind of yours," God answered. So Carver tried again.

"Dear Mr. Creator, what was man made for?"

Again the Lord replied, "Little man, you ask too much. Cut down the extent of your request and improve the intent." So the scientist tried once more.

"Then Mr. Creator, will you tell me why the peanut was made?"

"That's better," the Lord said, and beginning that day Carver discovered over 300 uses for the lowly peanut.

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