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Your Responsibility to Read the Instructions

Gordon MacDonald writes:

Being a frequent flyer makes it possible for me to get a seat in the exit row on most airline flights. Great leg room. But with privilege comes responsibility.

The flight attendant comes up, kneels by my aisle seat and says, "Have you read the instruction card that tells you how to open the door in the case of emergency? I need a verbal answer."

I fudge the truth a bit and say yes when the truthful answer is no. I mean, does it take a rocket scientist to know that you simply swivel the handle and push the door out and to the side? So I tell her yes, I've read the card.

But she's smart. She says, "If an emergency happens, I'll be depending on you to open that door. Dozens of other people will also be relying on you, too. So are you sure you know what's on that card?"

Suddenly, she has my attention.

It occurs to me in that insightful moment that this is not unlike the way some people respond to sermons (mine anyway)…I really do read those cards now.

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