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Baby's Fingers Prevent an Abortion

In The Joy Luck Club, author Amy Tan describes her pro-choice friend's reflections on abortion:

I almost aborted my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant, I was furious. I secretly referred to my pregnancy as my growing resentment, and I dragged Marvin down to the clinic so he would have to suffer through this too. It turned out we went to the wrong kind of clinic. They made us watch a film, a terrible bit of puritanical brainwash. I saw those little things, babies they called them at seven weeks, and they had tiny, tiny fingers. And the film said that the baby's translucent fingers could move, that we should imagine them clinging for life, grasping for a chance, this miracle of life. If they had shown anything else except tiny fingers—so thank God they did. Because Shoshana really was a miracle. She was perfect. I found every detail about her to be remarkable, especially the way she flexed and curled her fingers.

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