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Cops Chase Little Old Lady

Nita Friedman is not the type of person you would imagine to be involved in a police pursuit. Still, that's what happened on U.S. highway 95 after Bonners Ferry, Idaho, police chief Mike Hutter tried to stop her for reckless driving. Hutter flipped on his lights and siren, but instead of pulling over, the 66-year-old woman pulled away.

Police chased the woman through two counties. The chase did not end until after the State Police put a spike strip in the road in front of Friedman's car. After driving over it, the woman tried to keep going, but with three flat tires escape became impossible.

What astounded law enforcement officers was that throughout the entire 15-mile chase, Friedman never went over the speed limit. Once, she even stopped behind a vehicle that was making a left turn. While running from the law, Nita Friedman was determined not to break the law.

It's like the pastor facing expulsion from her church. Rev. Irene Elizabeth Stroud vows she has not violated her denomination's trust, but acknowledges she lives with her lesbian lover.

It's like my friend who maintains the highest standards of integrity in his business relationships, yet candidly admits to filing false tax forms to the IRS.

It's like when I pray for God's will to be done and then insist on having things my own way.

It's like hiding sin in my heart while offering worship.

It's obedience while running away.

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