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Setting Our Upper Limit

Colin Smith, pastor of Arlington Heights Evangelical Free Church, Arlington Heights, Illinois; Preaching Today #204

"In Love and War": Ernest Hemingway's Pride

In Love and War (New Line Cinema, 1996), written by Henry S. Villard, directed by Richard Attenborough and James Nagel; submitted by Jerry De Luca, Montreal West, Quebec

"A.I.": The Worth of All Humans

A.I. (Universal Studios, 2001), rated PG-13, written by Ian Watson, directed by Steven Spielberg; "A Little Too Close to Home," Breakpoint (8-15-01) submitted by Aaron Goerner, Utica, New York

Cows Know Their Master's Voice

Heard on Paul Harvey (2-28-03); "Ugandan Cows Know Their Names,", (2-25-03); submitted by David Slagle, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Consumer Debt Increasing

Parent Life (March 2003); submitted by Van Morris, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Michael Card on Believers in China

Michael Card, from interview in Discipleship Journal (Nov/Dec 2002), p. 72; submitted by Doug Shoemaker

Spiritual Director Probes a Man's Soul

O God, Revive Us Again, a pamphlet by Harold Voelkel and revised by Will Bruce, published by Overseas Missionary Fellowship and now out of print; submitted by Kevin Miller, Wheaton, Illinois

Unbeliever Lists Why Believers Have It Good

Jack Roeda, pastor of the Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, Michigan, from sermon "Jesus: The Lamb of God" (1-20-02); references The American Scholar (Autumn 2001)

Displaying 1–10 of 52 matches.

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