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Willing to Succeed or Fail for God

Kelly Williams faced a hard question when he was launching a new church start in Colorado Springs, Colorado. During the initial stages, the attendance fluctuated, but never exceeded a handful. One night, nobody showed up, and Kelly faced the fact that he might not be cut out for church planting, that he could fail. As he flirted with quitting, he opened his Bible to John 10 and read Jesus' words about the good shepherd that lays down his life for his sheep:

As he read, Kelly heard God's voice. "I know you are willing to be a success for me, but are you willing to be a failure for me? Are you willing to lay down your life for these sheep? His open Bible opened his heart. "Yes, Lord, yes!" Williams prayed. "I'll lay down my life for these sheep. If it is your will, this is the hill I'll die on, I'll fight to the bitter end."

Those who are willing to be a success for God are legion. Those who are desperate for God and want him even if it means being a failure are the blessed few. Kelly went on to establish a flourishing church, but the point is he was willing to follow God's will for his life wherever it took him. Are you desperate for God? Not desperate for God's blessings, but desperate for him?

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