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Modeling How a Christian Man Dies

When New Testament scholar William Lane taught at Western Kentucky University, contemporary musician Michael Card was a student of his, and they developed a friendship that led to a discipling relationship. Card's book, The Walk, describes the intertwining of these two lives that grew out of their days together at the university. William Lane worked to live out the meaning of redeemed life to the fullest extent. But he was not content until he passed it on to others, including Michael Card. Eventually, Professor Lane moved to another university. Years later through a telephone call, Card learned that Lane was dying of cancer. Eventually, the Lanes moved to be near the Cards. As Card tells the story, Professor Lane had a purpose in doing this.

He said to Card, "I want to come to Franklin (where the Cards lived)…I want to show you how a Christian man dies." The Lanes made the move and many months later Cards' beloved mentor died. Lane's life mirrors the teaching of Psalm 15. Those who truly worship God do so with the totality of their being, even the hour of dying.

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