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$20 Arrives as Answer to Couple's Prayer

Author Elmer Towns writes:

My wife and I went through college by faith. If we had not prayed together daily through all our difficulties, I don't know how we would have made it. I earned $1 an hour for driving a school bus, which was just enough to pay for our necessities, but there wasn't even a dime left over for a Coca-Cola.
One evening the only thing in the kitchen cabinet was a can of tuna, so my wife served a tuna casserole. As we clasped hands to thank God for the food, I prayed, "God, you know we are broke. You know it's two days until payday. You know we are willing to fast until we get money, but we ask you to please take care of our needs."
As we finished praying, the laundry man came to the door. Ruth met him to say, "No laundry today; we can't afford to have anything cleaned." But he had not come to pick up our cleaning. The laundry man explained, "A few months ago your landlord asked me to pass along $20 to you to pay for having thawed the pipes for him. I had forgotten about it until today."
Some might say this was a coincidence, but Ruth and I say that our prayer together reminded the laundry man that he had $20 for us. He had been sent by God.

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