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Angel Saves Family

In Christian Reader, Brenda recalls a frightening night when her family faced danger:

6:34 a.m. "Mom…Dad…" I became aware of [our son] Chase standing in our bedroom door. "I think you need to wake up," he said….
"What's wrong, Chase? You're never up this early."
"Something's not right, Mom. And the lights just went out."
Something's not right, I realized with a start. The air feels strange. Just then I heard…a monstrous thunder boom that wasn't letting up. It was getting closer and closer….Tornado! I shook my husband awake. "Danny! Danny! Hurry!"
"Get to the basement, quick!" Danny shouted as he yanked on a pair of pants. I …raced behind Chase toward the basement stairs. Passing through the kitchen, I couldn't believe my eyes—the walls and doors bulged ...

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